Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Book Blog #12

I have read Daedalus and Icarus and I have confronted many challenging words that I hadn't seen before for example I will write about the words labyrinth, delectable, and shrill.
Labyrinth: A labyrinth means a network of paths that are hard to know where you are going like a maze.
Sentence: The kid ran to the toy sanction while the mom kept going from aisle to aisle. The kid was lost the store became a labyrinth he had to find his mom. A connection that I had to the word labyrinth is like the sentence. When I would go to a store and  I was little a would focus on the toys while my mom would get groceries. When I would get tired of looking at the toys I would get lost and have to look for my mom It was like a maze and the end point would be my mom. I think that this word adds to the story because it great word choice its better than saying maze. " But Minos only replied, 'Build my labyrinth as I told you. i pay you to build not to ask questions.'''(Springboard, pg.59).  Delectable:  Delectable means a food or drink that is very appetizing. Sentence: The food that was at the thanksgiving feast was very delectable there where no left overs. A connection that I have with the word delectable is when me and my family go to eat or have something to eat during a holiday. Lots of family and friends come to our homes to eat food with us. I think that this word adds to the story because its a word that most people don't use to explain their food and it adds to the story. " They ate delectable food and wore expensive clothes."(Springboard, pg. 60). Shrill : Shrill means a height pitched sound. Sentence: While Billy was watching a scary movie at the theater. When there was a jump scare happened Billy let of a loud shrill. This connects to me because when I was little our family's friends like to watch scary movies when I would watch with them I would always cream really loud when there would be a jump scare. I think that the author used this word because it makes the story more of the myth kind of story its supposed to be. It gives the story that sort of character. " He copied their shrill cry and taunted them."(Springboard, pg. 61).

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Book Blog #8

In the navel The Most Dangerous Game, the author Richard Connell uses lots of figurative language in his writing. On page 13 Richard writes, “but even you can’t see four miles or so through the moonless Caribbean night. ‘Nor four yards,’ admitted Rainford. ‘Ugh! It's like moist black velvet.’” This writing is an example of a simile the author is comparing the darkness of the night in the Caribbean islands to black velvet. The simile means that the night was super dark and they couldn't really see anything. This adds to the story because they were heading to an island that has had a bad reputation and adding that the sky was pitch black and couldn't see makes the whole scenario more mysterious and creepy.
Next, Richard Connell uses a Hyperbole on the same page Connell writes “Yes, even that tough-minded old Swede, who’d go up to the devil himself and ask him for a light.” I know that this is a hyperbole because it is exaggerating that even the Captain is tough enough to to face the devil. This Hyperbole means that Captain Niesen is the toughest person they know and even he is a little scared of the island. This is important to try story because it shows that the island is so dangerous that even the toughest of people are scared of it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Book Blog #6

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul Summary

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul is about Greg’s family decides to go on a road trip and on the way funny and terrible things happened to him and his family. I learned that a road trip is not about the destination it's about the journey I also found out that lots of bad things can happen in a road trip and most of them you won't even expect are going to happen. The last thing that I learned was that Greg’s mom always gets her ideas from a magazines that she buys called Family Frolic.
    I learned one new vocabulary word it is Rooting. Jeff Kenny said this word when the pig they had won in a fair escaped from a cooler and was rooting in the meals that Greg’s mom had made. "By the time we got back on the highway, it had tipped over the cooler and was rooting around in one of the mommy bags." (page 97)
    One question that I still have about this topic is how long does a road trip have to be and what if you never even get off the car.
     Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul is about Greg’s Family and their adventure in there what was supposed to be a fun road trip.
First, Greg’s Mother surprises Greg and the rest of the family about a trip that they were going to take but Greg didn’t in fact feel very excited because so far the other road trips that they had taken weren't so fun, but they agree to do it after everyone packs there think they find that there isn’t enough room in the van for all the things so they use their dad's boat to put the rest of the bags so they set off on there road trip.
            Then, quickly the trip takes some wrong turns and heads for the worst They went to a country fair that they had found along the way of the trip and they saw a bunch of cool thing like a stinkiest shoe contest that Greg’s older brother ended up winning but they had to keep the shoe for the finals so Greg’s brother had to go with one shoe for the rest of the trip witch was a bad choice because later that same day they wanted to go eat but they couldn't get food they had a no shoe no service policy. "But when the waitress saw that Rodrick was only wearing one shoe, she said she couldn't serve him." (pg 98)
                    Finally, In the end they go away from the fair but they had to cross a bridge to get to a theme park Greg wanted to go to but Greg’s dad was afraid of heights so he let Greg’s older brother drive but he suddenly stepped on the pedal and crashed into the back of a car thankfully there was people they that had actually lived next to them and helped them get home and that was the only good thing that had happened to them in the whole trip.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Blog #5

Word Finder:

While reading The Death-Defying Pepper Roux by Geraldine McCaughrean there was multiple challenging and interesting words here are 3 that I fell upon while reading the book.
  1. Brimming
“Roux not get himself to meet her big-eyed tear-brimming gaze”(McCaughrean pg.1).
Def: Fill or be Full to the point of overflowing.
Ex: Johnny had stolen Billy’s toy car so Billy’s eyes were full to the brim of his eyes with tears.
Connection: On my first ever Halloween me and my friends went to my friends candy bucket was full to the brim while my was less than halfway full. I think that this is good for the story because it's like sensory language you can just imagine all the water in her eyes to where she was overflowing with tears.
2. Gnashing
“Instead of lullabies, she taught him psalms about bones wasting away, foes with gnashing teeth”(McCaughrean pg.3)
Def: Grind (one's teeth) as a sign of anger.
Ex: Billy was not following the rules in school and he stared at the teacher her gnashing her teeth in anger.
Connection: When me and my cousins would mess around in the house my older relatives would get mad and gnash their teeth together in anger.
I think that this was good for the story because it's a lot more than just saying that he was mad its sensory detail id you know what the word means and it's like a weighty word.  
   3. Prophetic
“Again it sounded prophetic. But it was not. The sailor had just glanced up at the masthead and seen a carpenter lose grip on a big oak pulley (McCaughrean pg.13)
Def: Accurately describing or predicting the what will happen in the future.
Ex:The Simpsons have been predicting the future lately they even predicted that Donald Trump would win presidency in an episode before the 2016 election.
Connection: Me and my cousin would go to baseball games and when a batter would go up to bat we would try to predict what side it goes to and if they would make a home run or go out. It would also be fun to predict the score and who would win the game. I think that this word is important to the story because it's like a weighty  would and a very interesting word.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Book Blog #3

In the book The Death-Defying Pepper Roux by Geraldine McCaughrean there are lots of difficult and dead words so I have decided to talk about some that I fell upon while reading the book. “What would it be, then? A giant wave? The legendary kraken rising, with mile long tentacles, to drag the ship below? A maelstrom? A sandbar? A reef?(pg18). Maelstrom: A powerful whirlpool in the sea or rivers. Jeffry had set out to the dead see then his boat sank “It's a maelstrom,” Jeffery yelled. This word connects to me because I was born  near the Atlantic Ocean and lots of family live near rivers seas and oceans. “Pepper sat on the bunk, hugging his knees close to his chest without realizing that he was doing it. A chronometer on the wall pointed to the time by chiming the half hour.”(pg19) Chronometer: A instrument and for measuring time designed to keep accurate time in motion or various temperature,humidity and pressure. Jeffery put a chronometer on his new boat to know when to call his mom for dinner.” This connects to me because in Florida they liked to go on ships and boats on the ocean and a chronometer could be useful. “ This was the conclusion Suzanne had come to, sitting in the hospital, and even when the badges come off, she could no more pick up her old hopes and dreams that she could pick up a coin from the floor. Bertrand was lost to her, just like her queenly realm: the delicatessen department.”(pg75) Delicatessen: A store selling cold cuts cheeses, and a variety of salads as well as a selection of unusual or foreign prepared foods.” Jeffery’s grandma brought him 100 pounds of cheese from the delicatessen department but Jeffery doesn't like cheese. Delicatessen connects to me because I don't like cheese and delicatessen departments tell hundreds of pounds of cheese a year.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Enrique's Second Book Blog Post

                                              Book Blog #2

I am reading The Maze Runner and what is happening in the book so far is Thomas was in a cold dark room. The room made of metal started shaking out of control while Thomas was trying to stand up and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. Thomas couldn't remember anything about his life all he could remember was his name. Images of people were running through his head but he couldn't recognize anyone. Thomas looked for a way out feeling across the the walls, but then all of a sudden a beaming light came from the ceiling. He could hear voices and when he came up he saw there was boys some young and some old some of his fear faded away they said, "Welcome to the Glade." Thomas said that he stood in a courtyard the size of several football fields with huge stone walls at all directions. After reading the first and second chapter I think that Thomas was sent into the maze were he found other people and the other people have to teach Thomas how to help them get out of the maze alive. I predict this will happen because in the first chapter it was talking about how he couldn't remember anything from his past and chapter too is about how he all of a sudden he is in a huge courtyard with giant stone walls. I think that now he and the other people will try to get out of the maze.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Enrique´s blog

My name is Enrique I am a good friend, I don't like to make fun of other people, I would love to go traveling but never go anywhere, I like playing soccer and other sports, I like to spend time with family.I think that reading is important because if you read a lot you can improve your reading skills and grammar later in life. If you don't have good grammar people might not take you serious.I like to reading comics, fiction science fiction and mystery books. I like reading comics because there is so much action going on the whole time that your read the book. I like fiction and science fiction because there always lots of weird gadgets, and mystery is always getting better the more and more you read. My goal for this year is to read at least 8 books that are higher that my reading level so I can improve. I also want to read every day and have a bigger interest on books.